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Regain .EU Domains! ADR Proceedings

Regain .EU Domains! ADR Proceedings offers ADR proceedings to organisations which, due to various reasons, were unable to register .EU domains.

The purpose of this service is to simplify the effort made to regain .EU domains at the Czech Arbitration Court – the sole place for arbitration investigating .EU domain disputes. The location of the Arbitration Court, language barrier, and law stipulations may discourage to battle for .EU domains. Thus all official aspects are managed by our specialists. For many companies their domain name is just too precious to be given up. Also, quite often, the absence of a proper domain name means "market death".

According to regulations, appeals to ADR against other entities has firm grounds if the name of the registered domain is identical to or misleading in respect to local or .EU trade marks, geographical and company brands or; when the domain name has been registered by its owner illegally or; with no motivated purpose or; the domain is used for improper purposes. Facing the issue and regaining domains will consolidate the positive image of your organisation. Many companies and public bodies have thrown in the towel. This has caused negative publicity, disapproving articles in newspapers and web forums which, in turn, has always had a detrimental impact upon organisation image and has given rise to distrust among partners.

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